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  • Competitors will walk to the center of the stage alone

  • Perform front and back turns with optional pose of hand on hip or hand in pocket

  • Finishing facing the judges as directed

  • Then proceed to the side of the stage.



  • The competitors will be brought back out in a group and directed to do turns.

  • Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in turns.


  • Up to & including 5’8” 172.7 cm & below

  • Over 5’8” and 172.8 & above

  • Competitors MAY crossover into Bodybuilding at the discretion of the promoter with the CJBBF CHAIRPERSON’S approval.



  • Muscularity and Body Condition

    • Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry

    • Combined with muscularity and overall condition.

    • This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity will be marked down.


  • Stage Presence and Personality

    • Contestants will be asked to walk in board shorts (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button,

    • No spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts however a manufacturer’s logo such as Nike symbol or Billabongs are acceptable.)

    • Competitors will enter the stage without a shirt and barefoot.

    •  No lewd acts allowed (for example the moon pose).

    • Judges are looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality to the audience.

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