7/1 CJBBF Bodybuilding Posing Clinic [ボディビルディング ポージングクリニック]

2 hours of Bodybuilding Posing Clinic in

Yokota Air Base


ボディビルディング ポージングクリニック(2時間)

CJBBF Bodybuilding Posing Seminar will be held at Yokota Air Base (Samurai Fitness Center)!

July 1st (Sun), 14: 00 hrs ~

What to Expect When You're Competing - By James Stokes



7月1日(日)、14:00時~横田基地でCJBBFボディビルディング ポージングセミナー開催します!

This 2 hour seminar is designed for those interested in competing or just wanting to find out more about this sport. During the seminar James will discuss all realms of competition including (but not limited to):

- Judging criteria.

- What it takes to compete: Training, nutrition.

- Q&A: No holds barred, all questions are welcome!

- Posing demonstration