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  • All Mixed-Pairs in the category will be brought onstage, in numerical order and in a single line or two lines, if necessary.

  • The line-up is divided into two equal-size groups and is positioned onstage so that one group is to the left of the stage; the other group is to the right of the stage. The center portion of the stage is left open for comparison purposes.

  • In numerical order, and in groups of not more than 3 couples at a time, each group is directed to the center-stage area to perform the following Five Mandatory Poses:

  • Front double biceps;

  • Side chest;

  • Back double biceps;

  • Side triceps;

  • Abdominals and thighs


Men from the Mixed-Pairs perform the above-mentioned Mandatory Poses in the same manner like in Men’s Bodybuilding, while Women perform these poses in the same style like in Women’s Physique.

Both partners perform the “Abdominals and thighs” pose in Men’s Bodybuilding style.

All comparisons will be carried out center-stage.

In this round individual comparisons, formulated by the Head Judge, couples are directed to perform the five Mandatory Poses.

Upon completion of the last comparison, all couples will return to a single line- up, in numerical order, before exiting the stage.



Only TOP 6 Mixed Pairs from pre-judging will do their routines.

Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Each couple is required to do a 60 second posing routine, to their choice of music (profanity, racial / sexual slurs and inappropriate verbiage is NOT allowed. If we find that your music contains any of these things, your music will be stopped and you may be disqualified from the competition).

The judges will be assessing each pair on how well they display their physiques to music. The judge will look for a smooth, artistic, and well-choreographed routine which may include any number of poses; however, the Mandatory Poses must be included.

Your routine should include the following:

  • Poses and movements that highlight your best features 

  • Smooth transitions between movements

  • Good musicality

  • The couple must also include intermittent pauses so as to display the muscular development of their physique. 


Once the individual routine is completed, exit the stage and line back up numerically. Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Competitors will walk out on stage in a line as guided by the stage marshal and line up as directed, depending on the number of competitors on stage.
The top 6 competitors will be called out to center stage line and may be asked to do mandatories and a 30 second pose-down. Awards will then be handed out.



In mixed-pairs competition, the competitors will be assessed both individually and as a unit with particular attention being given to how well their individual physiques complement each other and how well they move in unison. The judge will assess each mixed-pair as an entity. Those whose physiques match, harmonize, and complement each other will receive higher places than mixed-pairs whose physiques are markedly dissimilar and unbalanced, as would be the case of a tall ectomorphic man and a short mesomorphic woman, or vice versa. This factor will continue to be of importance in the second round as well. When similar poses and limb movements are used by the two partners, as in the mandatory poses, higher places will be awarded for greater accuracy in achieving identical lines. Stage Presentation is of utmost importance, with matched posing costumes and tanning. A good pair presentation can impress the judges on their ability to move, blend and work together as one unit.

Muscle Mass: Competitors must exhibit a similar degree of muscular development, taking into account natural differences in muscle size between man and woman. However, a heavyweight bodybuilder in pair with body fitness woman is not a well-matched couple.

Separation: This factor must be considered in conjunction with muscle mass. Separation is the delineation between the muscle groups of the physique. Excess subcutaneous fatty tissue and/or water under the skin blurs this muscular division resulting in a smooth appearance. A good physique must have muscular mass which is complemented by deep muscular separation.

Definition: Definition is the display of the individual muscles and their details, often calls “striations” or as “ripped” muscles. A physique that has good muscle mass, separation and definition must be scored highly. However, definition that is taken to the point of emaciation, will only reduce mass and fullness and can’t be scored highly. Definition will allow competitors to show pure muscle mass, otherwise the muscles appear stringy and flat.

Proportions: A proportional physique includes the genetic component of the competitor: wide shoulders, narrow hips, trim waist and a deep rib-cage. Also, the length of legs, trunk, midsection, arms and neck, which should be in balance and harmony. The upper body should not be developed to the extent that it overpowers the lower body and vice-versa. All body parts should flow in harmony with no body part being over developed to the detriment of the others. Faults such as knock-knees, bowed legs, rounded shoulders or any curvature of the spine and other defects of the posture are to be scored down.

Symmetry: Right and left sides of the body should be equally developed, so as to not exhibit visible differences in size, e.g. left and right biceps or shoulders.



  • The women’s bikini will be two-piece in style.

  • The color, fabric, texture, ornamentation and style of the bikini will be left to the competitor’s discretion, except as indicated in the below.

  • The bikini bottom will cover a minimum of 1⁄2 of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area. The bikini must be in good taste. Strings are strictly prohibited.

  • NO heels will be worn at any time during pre-judging and night show.

  • Male competitors will wear one color posing trunks which are clean and decent. The color, fabric, texture and style of the trunks will be left to the competitor’s discretion.

  • The men’s trunks will cover a minimum of 3⁄4 of the gluteus maximus. The front area must be covered and the side of the trunks should be 1 cm in width at a minimum. The use of padding anywhere in the trunks is prohibited. 

  • Men avoid styles that have a “v” taper on the front and back — they look like a bikini bottom.

  • Competitors may wear jewelry.

  • The use of props during the Prejudging or Finals presentation is strictly prohibited.

Please Note:


Registration fee applies to each athlete in the pair.


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