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A fun, new competition that pairs Couples in promoting health and fitness!




  • The Fit Couples category is open to any couple (must be one male and one female)

  • Males wear Tank Top and Board Shorts with sneakers

  • Ladies wear sport bra and sport shorts with sneakers

  • Couples will enter the stage individually and will do a T walk together to front of stage and will perform quarter turns as a pair.

  • Couples will then be brought on stage together for comparisons with other couples




The judge will assess each mixed-pair as an entity. Those whose physiques match, harmonize, and complement each other will receive higher places than mixed-pairs whose physiques are markedly dissimilar and unbalanced

  • Overall presentation.

  • Muscle beauty and balance.

  • Symmetry

  • Quarter turns

  • L-Walks

  • Stage confidence

  • Stage presence

  • Marketable look (Couples must look like they were “made to be together”)

Please Note:


Registration fee applies to each athlete in the pair.


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